Norsk antropologidag ved Royal Anthropological Institute

30. oktober er norsk antropologi i fokus gjennom en hel dag med presentasjoner og diskusjoner ved RAI i London. Instituttet har de siste årene satt av en dag i året til ulike nasjoners antropologi, og i år er det Norges tor. Det er Sosialantropologisk institutt i Bergen ved Edvard Hviding og Synnøve Bendixen som har avsvar for opplegget. 

I invitasjonen står det: 

- Norway has a distinct and diverse anthropological tradition with close ties to the institutions and practices of British social anthropology, and contact between colleagues, research centres and departments in our two countries is long-standing, diverse and enduring. Social anthropology in Norway is of significant strength in terms of national institutions and international presence. The global fieldwork record remains strong, there is a long record of public engagement by anthropologists, and employment opportunities are diverse. It is therefore of particular interest to have Norwegian anthropology broadly presented and discussed in dialogue among a diverse range of Norwegian practitioners and British colleagues.

Programmet blir som følger:

Norwegian Anthropology Day at the Royal Anthropological Institute
Friday 30 October 09:00-17:30, The British Academy

  • 10:00 Opening remarks by Prof. Edvard Hviding, Univ. of Bergen

10:15 – 13:00 PRESENTATIONS (25 minutes each including short Q & A)

  • 10:15-10:40 Social anthropology in Norway: a nutshell history (Prof. Olaf H. Smedal, Univ. of Bergen)
  • 10:40-11:05 The fieldwork tradition (Prof. Signe Howell, Univ. of Oslo)
  • 11:05-11:30 No Direction Home? Anthropological constructions of familiarity, and some experiences from Norway (Prof. Halvard Vike, Univ. of Oslo)

Coffee & tea break 11:30-11:45

  • 11:45-12.10 Anthropology, development, and North-South cooperation (Dr. Gunnar Sørbø, Chr Michelsen Institute)
  • 12:10-12:35 The unbearable lightness of being a public anthropologist in Norway (Prof. Thomas Hylland Eriksen, Univ. of Oslo)
  • 12:35-13:00 Disagreement, illuminations and mystery: a brief ethnography of Norwegian anthropology today (Dr. Synnøve K.N. Bendixsen, Univ. of Bergen)

13:00-14:00 Lunch (on site)

14:00 – 17:00 PANEL DISCUSSION (5-7 minutes each, followed by internal and plenary discussion; integrated coffee & tea break) Moderators: Prof. Annelin Eriksen and Prof. Christine M. Jacobsen, Univ. of Bergen

  • Prof. Penny Harvey, Univ. of Manchester
  • Prof. Unni Wikan, Univ. of Oslo
  • Prof. Sidsel Saugestad, UiT The Arctic Univ. of Norway
  • Dr. Martin Thomassen, NTNU Norwegian Univ. of Science & Technology
  • Prof. Marit Melhuus, Univ. of Oslo
  • Prof. Vigdis Broch-Due, Centre for Advanced Study at the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters
  • Mr. Tord Austdal, PhD candidate, Univ. of Bergen
  • Ms. Kaja Berg Hjukse, MA student, Univ. Of Oslo
  • Ms. Annicken Lundgård, Save the Children
  • Dr. Jan Peter Laurens Loovers, Univ. of Aberdeen
  • Prof. Ingjerd Hoëm, Univ. of Oslo

17:00-17:30 Closing discussant: Prof. Marilyn Strathern, Univ. of Cambridge