About Norsk Antropologisk Forening (NAF)

The Norwegian Anthropological Association is a member-organization for anthropologists, master students of anthropology, and others working within the field of anthropology.

Founded in 1979, NAF is now a comprehensive organization with members countrywide.
NAF is not a labor union as such, but works to broaden and strengthen the network among anthropologist involved in different professions – both within and outside the academia. The organization is currently also working to strengthen the Scandinavian collaboration.

NAF arranges a conference each year, visited by distinguished Norwegian and international speakers - a forum where anthropologists can gather for academic discussion. The association is also involved in the publishing of the Norwegian Anthropological Journal (NAT) and responsible for the web page www.antropologi.org.

Most of the information found here will be in Norwegian, so for any further questions regarding NAF, do not hesitate to contact us.